Mufflers & Exhaust

A Lot More Than Juts "Keeping Things Quiet"

The exhaust system consists of multiple components that collect fumes produced while you drive.  The Manifold, Muffler, The Catalytic Converter, Resonator & Tail Pipe are the most common components found in Exhaust Systems. 

Be Proactive.

If you have a problem developing with your muffler or exhaust system, it’s very possible that you could get warning signs from your vehicle. 
Increased Noise & increased attention from other drivers can be a strong indictor that you need to perform a safety inspection on your vehicle. 
Smells are a great signal indicator of issues also. The exhaust from your vehicle should always remain outside of the vehicle. Malfunctions can sometimes cause the cabin to get an unhealthy dose of exhaust fumes. If this is happening to you now or if it happens to you in the future, we can get your vehicle in the air, inspected, and diagnosed in no time.