The Leg-Bones Of Your Vehicle

Its No Secret That Detroit Roads Could Use A Bit of Work, But That Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Cringe Every Time You Hit A Pothole. 

Be Proactive.

Listen for loud noises whenever you go over bumps or when you hit a pothole. if you hear ANY “secondary sounds” at all, you want to stop by.  Your vehicle shouldn’t be able to actually respond to road noise, Ever.  
Try this: With the radio down, SLOWLY turn your steering wheel all of the way to one side, then turn it all of the way back to the other side. Listen for any noises that come from the vehicle. If you hear anything that sounds suspect, come on in.
Check the wear pattern on your tires. If you see tread in the middle of the tire but the edge is as smooth as Steve Harvey’s head, swing on by. 
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