Grinding, Squealing, & Pulsating Are All Bad

The Friction That Helps You Stop Your Vehicle Comes From Hydraulic Pressure Forcing Your Brake Pads Against Your Rotors And Squeezing Them Until They Stop. Given Enough Time, Every Brake Pad Will Wear Itself Down To Nothing. 

Be Proactive.

Take action at the first sign of trouble. Squealing and Squeaking are usually the first indicators. Their are actually tabs built into the pad itself and their entire purpose is to make noise when your brake pads are too low.

This is the time to get  the safety inspection done and maintenance scheduled if it’s necessary. But what if you are already past that and that squeal or squeak has become a grind or growl?
You have no time to waste. The longer your brakes make that terrible noise, the longer you will have metal shavings, dirt, dust, and debris coating your brake system, wheels, and body paint. You risk replacing the caliper, pads, & rotors by trying to get every second of life out of your pads. 
This is part where you hit the yellow  “Call Now” button and get a $10.00 safety inspection. Let’s keep you safe and get this off of your to-do list.