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Brake noise and dust are just a few of the factors that can warn you that it’s time to have your brakes serviced. Ignoring these warning signs at their onset, can prove to have real world implications on your vehicle and unfortunately your checkbook.

At the first sign of brake squeel, vibration when applying the brakes, or your vehicle pulling to one direction, it makes sense to prioritize a repair or replacement of your brake pads. 

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Front- End

You can rest assured that the potholes we hit driving on our roads, have a negative impact on our vehicles. In most cases the support system for our ride and the sterring components take the majority of the beating. 

Aside from any road hazards that you must contend with, you will also have the normal wear and tear that happens throughout the life of a vehicle.  Loud noises, clunking, excessive bounce when driving, & clicking when turning the steering wheel are just some of the signals that it is time to have an inspection and possible service. 

Fast. Simple. Service. 

Mufflers & Exhaust 

The exhaust system for your car is responsible for the noise and pollution that comes from ytour vehicle. It is designed todirect potentially harmful fumes away from the cabin to keep your and your passengers safe. 

From time to time normal wear and stress, can cause failures on parts or on the entire system. It’s important to get your system checked at the first sign of trouble. 

Excess noise, loss of power, exhaust smells inside the cabin are all signs that you need to have your exhaust system chekced right away.

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